YZXstudio ZY1266 USB Current Meter for Testing Current, Voltage, Ah, Wh

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Download PDF version User Manual here: kaayee.com/download

Voltage and Current Meter Technical Specification:

Model: ZY1266
Firmware Version: 3.0
Input Voltage Range: DC 4-24V
Input Current: Continuous -3A to 3A
Voltage Resolution: 0.0001V
Current Resolution: 0.0001A
Ah/Wh Range: 0-99999Ah;0-99999Wh
Ah/Wh Resolution: 0.0001Ah;0.0001Wh
Accuracy: Voltage 0.2%+2d;Current 0.1%+2d;
Display Screen: 1.3 inch 128*104 FSTN LCD Display
Screen Refresh Frequency: 3 times/second
Quiescent Current: 6mA (10mA with Backlight)
Resistor of Current Sampling: 12mΩ
Circuit Resistance: 42mΩ
Memory Type: Ferroelectric FRAM
Rewrite Cycle: 10 Billion Times
Recording Pattern: To record once Ah/Wh changed + Load Balancing

Settings Mode

To enter Settings, Press and Hold the button while the meter is energized, and don’t release the button until the screen shows the “Extended Press To Settings” Then, release the button and the screen shows “Settings” and the meter gets into Settings Mode successfully. There are totally 16 settings marked from 00 to 15. Once entered the Settings Mode, the setting 10 will display on the screen as the default page to show the model number, firmware version and manufacturer. (At this setting item, Press and Hold of the button could EXIT the Settings.)
This is the most professionable USB testing meter on Amazon. Please refer to the User Manual and Demo Video for detailed using. Any questions, please contact us for verifying.Super High Precision: The voltage and current meter resolution to 0.0001V and 0.0001A, 0.0001Ah and 0.0001Wh for professional user testing power bank, battery pack or wall charger

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